Bianca Jamotte LeRoux is a Mom, Actress, Award-winning Filmmaker, Brooklyn Business Owner and Creator of the Independent Original Series, Real Mommy Confessions. Her most exciting credential for which she is most proud is her job as Mom, which brings on a daily host of challenges and accomplishments, often simultaneously. These include successfully keeping her 4-year old from nose-diving off the sofa as well as negotiating with her willful 5-year old.

Real Mommy Confessions Is Going Global on Akyumen TV

2016 paved the way for 2017 to be an exciting year! Bianca is in preproduction with Akyumen TV for Season 3 of Real Mommy Confessions. Bianca is the Creator, Co-Director, Executive Producer and Head Staff Writer as well as one of the Series Regulars for the series!

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