“Best Actress I have ever directed. FULL STOP. Lovely and amazing. Thoughtful and connected. Consumed with the life she’s living on screen. Completely expressive. Does not lie.”

Rosalyn Coleman Williams, Director TWINKLE

Real Mommy Confessions is about, you guessed it, real moms who confess something they do as a parent. It’s a simple but great idea: Let parents know that they are not alone. No one is perfect, and thank goodness for that! The series is the brainchild of Californian Bianca LeRoux, a producer/actress and mom, aka someone who knows both the video and parenting worlds, so you know it is going to be good.”

Hannah Werthan, assistant editor for Parents.com.



This web series is the brainchild of Bianca Jamotte LeRoux and it’s quite a brain indeed. Each video is a confession of the parenting crimes we are all guilty of and they are friggin hilarious. She is not afraid to really lay it out there and that’s what makes this award-winning series something that both moms, dads and everyone else can love. Many of her brilliant creations are not particularly safe for kids.”

Life of Dad



Have you ever heard of The Real Mommy Confessions?  A hilarious webisode founded by award-winning producer & actress Bianca Jamotte LeRoux.  The series entails the everyday joys of being a mother and the challenges we face – in the most hilarious ways.”

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