“Best Actress I have ever directed. FULL STOP. Lovely and amazing. Thoughtful and connected. Consumed with the life she’s living on screen. Completely expressive. Does not lie.”

Rosalyn Coleman Williams, Director TWINKLE

Real Mommy Confessions is about, you guessed it, real moms who confess something they do as a parent. It’s a simple but great idea: Let parents know that they are not alone. No one is perfect, and thank goodness for that! The series is the brainchild of Californian Bianca LeRoux, a producer/actress and mom, aka someone who knows both the video and parenting worlds, so you know it is going to be good.”

Hannah Werthan, assistant editor for Parents.com.

“Bianca’s onstage work is nothing short of spectacular. Having worked with her on multiple productions, she can both break your heart  and make you burst at the seams with laughters. Her timing is impeccable, acting is engaging and has vocals that rival broadway professionals.”

Stephen Joshua Thompson, Actor/Director HAIRSPRAY

“Bianca is a talented Actor with all the creativity, energy, and thoughtfulness to make her characters become who they were meant to be on the page. Bianca’s playful, open demeanor makes her an ideal collaborator. ”

Candace Lee, Director, My Dear Elizabeth Robins

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bianca as both a fellow Actor and as a Director. Bianca is always more than capable; talented, prepared and professional. Knowing her as cast members in a production of Hairspray, I didn’t hesitate to cast her in my own production of The Ghost. I knew she would bring her usual focus and ability to the role.”

Jennifer Enskat Director/Actress, The Ghost

“Bianca was the inspiration for Mila… Bianca’s clarity gave Mila a sense of purpose and purity that let the audience in, and let them have sympathy for a character doing questionable things.”

Alex De Witt, Writer, FRICTION

“She has amazing instincts and gladly takes on any challenges put her way. She is a talented performer who brings much more to the set than just her character.”

Kasse Guerra, Director, Fortune Cookie

“Bianca is a gem of a performer. Her performance of  my song “If I Lose You Too” from Pucelandia was very moving and her acting in the show was consistently convincing.”

Sheldon Gartner, Composer, Pucelandia: The Pucical Musical

“With each collaboration, I find myself surprised and impressed by something new in her. Her dramatic and comedic range is nothing short of dynamic. With each role, she finds truth and authenticity, and brings such life and reality to each character.”

Greg T. Gordon, Director, The Discovery and Family Troubles

“When her high school guidance counselor told her to think about pursing a “real job”, she stood up a bit offended and with intense determination she answered ‘acting is my job'”

Simone Jamotte, Bianca’s Momma